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You Know The Former Saying Hell Hath

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You Know The Former Saying Hell Hath

You know the former saying: Hell hath no fury like a girl scored. For those who think that isn’t true, relax to take a look at Monique Symone in movement. She’s discovered her man is messing spherical with a Snow Bunny, and to even the rating, she’s made her approach to her favorite adult sex tube e book store. Sh’es on the prowl for anonymous sex, and most likely enough, it’s taking place. On the other hand that is not enough to satisfy Monique’s quest for revenge! Nope. Don’t you understand she’s going to call her cheatin’ boyfriend up on the phone and let him listen in to her infidelities?! And if that is not enough, why not take a few dick-suckin’ selfies and send those his way, too! And not only is she going to fuck this stranger, alternatively, after placing the condom on, she’s going to modify her ideas and enjoy it bareback! Yeap. Function this is how Monique Symone rolls.

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