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You Could Be About Witness Very

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You Could Be About Witness Very

You could be about to witness a very specific Cuckold Session. Legendary cuckboi Fluffy has a lot of money, so when he’s single, he orders up cuckold sessions like you and I order up a pizza. At the present time he’s extremely excited, as Karmen Karma has agreed to run Fluffy throughout the wringer! The sesh starts after Karmen enters his space and asks, why did you cancel on me the day prior to this? The truth? When he was once flying once more space, airport protection detected his chsity software! No lie! This amuses Karmen to no end! After treating Fluffy like her non-public pet, Karmen’s Crew enters! The ones guys are stone cold fuck machines, and Fluffy’s just a little bit unnerved. They’re strangers in his space! Will they scouse borrow from him? As Fluffy asks some elementary questions, Karmen stuffs a ball gag in his mouth! No longer extra talking for fluffy! And then, her Crew makes Karmen Air Tight. After unleashing massive somewhat so much everywhere Karmen’s surprising D-cups, the gag is removed for Fluffy’s final humiliation of the day clean up duty!

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