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You Asked For Creampies We Send This Adventure

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You Asked For Creampies We Send This Adventure

You asked for creampies, we send! This adventure starts out with mega-dick Ice Cold out searching for an apartment. He reveals one available, and locates the manager to appear about renting it. She takes one check out him, and asks him about his {{qualifications}} to soak up this expense. He comes to a decision to show her his {{qualifications}}, and whips out that huge sex tube ebony pepperoni stick he carries spherical in his pants. Brandy in brief sheds her clothes, revealing her svelte toned body, and dives on that large to appear how numerous it she’s going to get down her throat. After getting the entire measure she spreads her legs and from there on it becomes an endurance test to appear how that petite body can care for this humongous horse-sized cock! Ice lays pipe in her channel until she’s screams her surrender, then he blasts it full of Blackmann’s Precise Mayonnaise to send that creampie of your desires!

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