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Corrections Officer Maggie Green Has Big Problem

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Corrections Officer Maggie Green Has Big Problem

Corrections Officer Maggie Green has a big problem on her hands her step-son, Jake. Ever since Maggie married Jake’s dad, Jake has been a handful: preventing, stealing, lewd and lascivious behavior are only some of Jake’s specialties, and it’s even landed him in jail. In his step-mom Maggie’s jail! Reasonably if truth be told, Maggie would now not even care, then again she merely came upon available in the market’s shit taking place out inside the prison yard, her step-son Jake is anxious, and problems might get unpleasant. In truth unpleasant. Race riot unpleasant. So Maggie makes an affiliation with the warden to ship Jake in with two of the black men who run the black gang in prison. Maggie needs a truce. She needs her step-son left by myself until he’s out on parole and he or she’s ready to do regardless of that takes! Are we able to in point of fact wish to can help you know she offers up her mouth and pussy to the crowd leaders? Or that her step-son Jake is also in trouble for being a pervert?! We think you know how this is going to in any case finally end up!!

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